The Quality of Accommodation Standard (Decent Homes 2010 expirey)

Until this is official (having been to the Government regulator etc) and I have more documentation on the subject, I cannot be 100% sure that any answers I give here will be correct.

The Quality of Accommodation Standard has to be revised to reflect the fact that the original date for compliance with the Decent Homes Standard 2010 has now expired.
From what I can gather, the proposal is that compliance must now be immediate rather than within a certain time period. The Government has put aside another £2.1 billion to help tackle the backlog of Non-Decent Homes. It is the governments expectation that temporary exception to the standard will only be given in exceptional circumstances.
So what does this mean for tenants?
For those of you that still have work to be done to bring your property up to the Decent Homes Standard 2010 – this work still has to be done. And quickly (though by quickly, I don’t mean tomorrow!).
The Decent Homes Standard 2010 states your home must be weatherproof and warm with modern facilities.
The New Standard states your accommodation (where is possible) should not contain any category 1 hazards (asbestos), it should be in reasonable repair, has reasonably modern facilities and services and includes a reasonable level of thermal comfort.
Pretty much the same as the Decent Homes Standard.

I think it is reasonably safe to assume that its pretty much the same as the original Decent Homes Standard. I will answer as many questions as I can.


  1. louise


    I am a tennant with wirral partnership homes. I moved into this property in 2009 and was told i would be getting new windows. However nearly 4 years on i still have old wooden windows! By law are my housing association supposed to fit double glazing? Thanks

  2. Deb

    Hi. I’m currently looking to do a mutual exchange. I’ve found my exchange partner and they have told me that their kitchen & bathroom are due to be replaced in June and that they’ve had a surveyor round etc. If we move forward with the exchange, will their council still have to complete these works?
    What if she has something in writing stating that the work is going to be done in June? Will that ensure the council still have to complete the works even if an exchange goes ahead?
    What’s the best thing to do?

  3. Admin Deb

    Hi Deb, thank you for your query. If your exchange partner still has the original letter saying that the new installation will take place in June that is great. However, by just having a letter and having had a surveyor around is NO Guarantee the work will be done. The landlord is under no legal agreement to ensure these upgrades take place.
    Don’t let the above put you off exchanging your home, just be aware of the situation. I would imagine (& hope) the council know what their spending budget for 2013/2014 is by now but of course that could all change in April at the start of the financial year.
    If you assume the worst – it will be a lovely surprise if it is completed for you. I’m sure it will be.
    Good luck.
    Admin Deb

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