Neighbours from hell…..?

I’ve had neighbours from hell in the past, but was lucky – my landlord removed them. But whilst it is easier for landlords to evict troublesome neighbours – they would still rather take the easy option and go down the mediation route.

However for 9 months I went through hell. So much hell it actually took me nearly 3 years to recover.

Nuisance noise comes in many forms – heated arguments, bass-heavy stereo systems, loud TVs and music centres, DIY noise, furniture being moved around, smoke alarms, ball games, pet noises like dogs barking, door slamming and even just stamping around.It can be difficult to know what types of noise constitute a nuisance, and we often have a very high tolerance for noise before we do anything about it – but the truth is, if the noise disturbs you, and is loud and sustained, then it is a nuisance, and you should not have to put up with it.

[ad#Google 200×200 right]I’m lucky now – I have great neighbours but at the time I so wanted to move. I was prepared to take a “hard to let” property – anything to get out.

Would you move? Have you moved because of neighbours?

Tell us your experiences. How did your landlord deal with it? Did they help you as their tenant?


  1. Maggie Moo

    When I cam to view my flat I was not told I was moving next door to squatters. Not a mention of it…. i discovered when I moved in and they were all at the window clocking everything i brang inside and everyone who was with me. I had to tolerate my walls vibrating from bass at 4am most nights, infact the entire block had too! shouting, arguing, the toodler running out of the squat in a nappy and almost into the main road on several occassions, communal windows being smashed. Drunk relatives calling by and falling asleep in the communal area on the floor. My door being knocked day and night for various favours… you couldnt ignore every time they knocked because it would be seen as you having a problem with them! ironic LOL. They were illegal squatters, so I dont understand what confidentiality rights they had for the council to not tell me what I was moving next door too! Anyway…. I had to live next door to that for 18 months and it left me with severe anxiety problems. Even though I have since been blessed with a lovely elderly female neighbour …the damage to me was done! I have never felt at home here and have been looking for a swap for years!

  2. Admin Deb

    Nightmare neighbours indeed. I do understand – I had to put up with a similar situation in the late 1990’s for 5 years. It took me years to get over it.
    When you buy a property the seller is obliged to tell you what the neighbours are like. Landlords are not.

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